Nurturing Young Minds
Sustainable Learning & Value System

DPS Mysore

DPS, Mysore was established in 2000 with a simple vision of nurturing young minds in an environment that encourages sustainable learning and values. We strive to preserve the essence of ‘Mysore’ in our hearts by teaching awareness, respect and appreciation for our rich heritage and culture.

Our Values

Sustainable Learning


Diversity &

Respect &

Service &

Our Pillars of Difference

At DPS Mysore, we also firmly support a holistic approach to education. The school provides an empowering learning environment that nurtures empathy and inquiry in students, enabling them to excel in an ever-changing world. We strategically work towards inculcating skills like critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving through thoughtfully-designed and well-structured programs.

Academic Excellence

We are committed to providing quality education to promote intellectual, social and cultural vivacity. Our constant efforts are towards enabling an environment where learning becomes a natural process in every aspect. We work towards evolving a learning process and environment.


Every student is given individual attention in every endeavor of theirs because these formative years in a person’s life are instrumental in shaping them as responsible citizens.

Holistic Growth

For limitless dreams that brew inside of every child, we strive endlessly to match with them by providing equal enterprising opportunities, letting them explore academic, curricular, and extra-curricular activities with equal farvour and priority.


A widespread 8 acres pristine campus, in a pollution free zone away from the city, DPS Mysore is nestled in the beautiful landscape of Bugarhgalli borough of Mysore. There’s a library, science laboratories, activity zones, a stage, and a dining area.


Fire systems are installed at all key points across our premises. We have multiple CCTV cameras installed at various points inside the school premises to ensure the safety and security of our children.

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