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Nanyang Technological University,

“DPS Mysore exudes an exceptional atmosphere of dedication to learning, underscored by a supportive and skilled staff. Their commitment to students’ growth is evident in every interaction, fostering a vibrant educational environment. It is a truly commendable institution that prioritizes both academic excellence and personal development.”

Jayakanth M. V.

Currently at:

Electrical and Electronics engineering

Delhi Public School, Mysore delivers an exceptional educational experience. With a serene campus, dedicated faculty and interactive learning methods which fosters holistic development. The school’s emphasis on extracurricular activities nurtures creativity and teamwork. Strong safety measures and regular parent communication enhance the sense of security. DPS Mysore stands out for its commitment to academic excellence and all-round growth, making it a top choice for parents seeking a well-rounded education for their children.

Syeda Rehab Jameel

Currently at:

BSc. Food, Nutrition and Dietetics

This is perhaps the last and the first time I wrote about my school. It was the best I could pour out into a softcopy, when my ex-teacher asked me to write something about school as an ex-student. That was the first time I realized that I was no more a part of ‘our’ school. We were the first batch of class 12th passing out from DPSM. I was part of this school for more than 4 years. I still remember each & every moment, good or bad, right from my first step into this school. I am what I am because of the strong foundation that these teachers had laid down. It was always learning with fun for me. My teachers were always beside me, encouraging me to go to the next level and helped in making the right choices. Not to forget, the best time of our school days were the PE periods/Sports Day/Annual Day. I cannot forget how we used to convince our teachers for zero period class. Such encouragement by my teachers has brought out the best in me, made me overcome my stage fear and face the crowd with confidence. My teachers always gave us the right platform to display our talents with whatever resources they had then!I feel very accomplished and proud to be an Ex- Student of DPS Mysore. Today whatever I achieved in life, the only credit goes to my school. The teachers were wholly responsible for the knowledge I pertained from them and also for my character building.

Surya Karthik Cirium

Currently at:

BITS Pilani
B Tech Electronics
and Communication

The teachers and administration of DPS Mysore have been very helpful in guiding and mentoring me for my studies, extracurriculars, and overall development. A special mention goes to Resmi Ma’am, who was my class teacher for two consecutive years. She was not only good in teaching but was also supportive, affectionate, and compassionate. She would know the needs of each child and would address them accordingly. A special mention to Meena Ma’am, too for guiding, mentoring, and being extremely supportive towards the welfare of students and always thought for the benefit of the students. By making regulations and adjustments for students the administration was very supportive too.




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