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To make teaching more interesting, effective and innovative, we at DPSM have adopted the latest teaching methodology. The classrooms are equipped with a smart board and projector, which make it easy to shift from a regular classroom session to an interactive digital session. Digital boards are located at strategic points and provide a vibrant platform. Digital learning modules support conceptual clarity and help in experiential learning with new-age interactive simulations—mathematics and science labs, to name a few tools.
Library &
Information Center
State-of-the-art Science, Math and Computer labs provide the perfect ambience for brains to collide. The labs are well equipped with all the apparatus required while maintaining a high degree of safety standards.

State-of-the-Art Science, Math and Computer labs provide the perfect ambience for brains to collide. The labs are well equipped with all the apparatus required while maintaining a high degree of safety standards.

Technology Lab

Students are not bound to use the same old traditional method of learning. And all this is madepossible by the introduction of Information Technology in the education field and the importance oftechnology can be seen.Information technology lab is equipped with 35 computers with the latest windows 10 operatingsystem. IT lab presents unique challenges to Lab Management because of the added responsibilitiesand demands of facilities, equipment, and software upgrades while still maintaining a high level ofservice to the campus.We have implemented advanced technologies such as Paint 3D, Make Code Arcade, Krita, and IDLEPython, Scratch and much more. All the computers are protected with antivirus software. Theprojector is upgraded with higher resolution which will improve the teaching environment and alsoused to conduct orientation programmes to faculties in the computer lab. Web browsers are used bystudents to access materials on class web pages and perform online research. More than100 students utilize the IT lab per day. We have a 1:1 ratio in which one period is for theory and oneperiod is completely dedicated to IT lab practices. Students make use of the lab to the fullest.

Intelligence Lab

State-of-the art Science, Math and Computer labs provide the perfect ambience for brains to collide. The labs are well equipped with all the apparatus required while maintaining high safety standards. The A.I. Lab at DPSM is designed to enable students to experience transformational A.I. and coding education. Students have access to hands-on, real-time A.I. coding experiences which consist of real-world activities that will expose them to various disciplines, scenarios, and applications of artificial intelligence in our day-to-day lives. The virtual and experiential learning experiences are intuitive, self-paced, and self-directed, with projects for improved learning.

Explore our school’s basketball section, where students engage in the world of basketball with enthusiasm and dedication. Our programme, led by experienced coaches and enthusiastic players, fosters a competitive yet supportive atmosphere for all skill levels.


Our state-of-the-art aquatic facility provides a safe and enjoyable environment for students to develop their swimming skills, stay active, and have fun. Our students are making a splash into fitness and recreation in our welcoming swimming pool.

Visual Room

In Today’s world, the digital media with the help of the internet has become an integral part of our lives. The Audio Visual room at DPSM is put to good use for recreating the historic battles and victories of the past or to show the workings of the complex human anatomy or to take the students on a trip to the vast void of space. The AV room has a pivotal role in making learning enjoyable and full of fun.


Amphitheatres play a pivotal role in the holistic development of KG students by providing a dynamic platform for various educational and cultural events. These open-air spaces stimulate creativity and confidence in young learners as they participate in activities such as storytelling sessions, drama performances, and talent shows. Amphitheatres encourage public speaking and interpersonal skills, helping children grow into well-rounded individuals. Some memorable events held in these spaces include annual day celebrations, science fairs, and cultural festivals, where children showcase their talents and build a strong sense of community.

We provide a fleet of well-maintained buses with trained drivers, conductors, and female attendants equipped with first aid kits. They are regularly trained and guided to take care of the students using the school transport. The biometric and GPS tracking enabled in the school transport is one of its kind in the city of Mysore.
The school provides facilities to attend to the medical issues of the students. Medical check-ups are conducted twice a year.
Welcome to our school cafeteria, where delicious meals meet a warm and welcoming atmosphere! Our cafeteria is the heart of our school, serving nutritious and balanced meals to fuel young minds. We take pride in offering a variety of menu options, accommodating dietary needs and preferences. From breakfast to lunch, our cafeteria team is dedicated to providing a tasty dining experience for all students, promoting healthy eating habits and fostering a sense of community.
Purpose Hall

To bring together performers and audiences, DPSM has constructed a state-of-the-art, Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH) to meet various educational and cultural needs. The MPH serves for academicfunctions, cultural events, and more. It features a modern architecture, can accommodate up to 500people, and is equipped with advanced technology. It also has a stage and can transform into anindoor sports facility. This hall reflects DPSM’s commitment to providing a holistic educationalexperience and symbolizes progress and inclusivity as the institution continues to evolve.

SOLE Space
[Self Oriented Learning Experiences]

The tinkering lab at DPS Mysore serves as a creative haven, inspiring students to explore the realms of science and technology. In this innovative space, young minds are encouraged to experiment, invent, and problem-solve. It fosters hands-on learning, nurturing skills like critical thinking and teamwork, preparing students for a future driven by curiosity and innovation. The lab empowers students to turn their ideas into tangible solutions, fostering a passion for learning beyond the confines of traditional classrooms.

Room [KG]

Activity rooms play a pivotal role in the holistic development of students. These vibrant spaces provide an interactive and hands-on environment where young learners can explore, experiment, and grow. Within these rooms, a variety of events are held, such as art and craft sessions, science experiments, storytelling sessions, and music and movement activities. These events not only enhance cognitive and motor skills but also foster creativity, social interaction, and a love for learning among the students, making their early educational experiences both enjoyable and educational.

Sand Pit And
Play Area

Sand pits are invaluable for the development of KG students, fostering creativity, motor skills, andsocial interactions. These playful spaces encourage imaginative play as children build castles, digmoats, and explore different textures. Sand pits also promote teamwork and communication as kidscollaborate on projects and share toys. Events like Sandcastle Building Contests; and TreasureHunts; held in Sand Pits not only enhance these skills but also create memorable moments for younglearners, making their early education both fun and educational.




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