Our Values

Service Before Self

A motto is a vivid reflection of the mettle that goes into the making of an institution.

Our motto is a constant reminder that the well-being and safety of others always come prior to our own welfare, comfort, and security.

We believe in the saying


Our vision is to create an empowering, inclusive environment where we emphasize on moral, social, emotional, physical and cognitive development and establish values of thoughtfulness and compassion towards humanity thereby facilitating the evolution of our children by instilling progressive thought processes and making valuable contributions to Nation building.


To create a society where all girls and boys live together in dignity, safety, mutual respect, harmony and social justice.
To nurture a sustainable world based on care and compassion, take responsibility for our actions and embrace creative and innovative approaches to resolve environmental problems.
To value diversity and respect the inclusion of all people and perspectives.
To respect and appreciate all cultures, faiths and religions, and to uphold the secularity of our nation and sense of national pride.
To provide a platform for each individual to exhibit their innate talent, build on their strengths and excel in their chosen path.


To cater to the socio-emotional well-being of students in grades (6-12) through Peer Educational Program. The target is to reach out to at least 30% of students who are in need.

To achieve 100% awareness of NEP among a teacher to implement skills and languages as per NEP 100% in 6-8.

To realign processes according to NEP ( No hard Separation ) .

To have in place a Robust online Assessment System from the academic year 2021.