Faculty & Leadership

Suman Nanditha Philip

 Kindergarten (Grade II)

I, Nanditha Philip, qualified with Montessori Training, Bachelor’s in Education, and Master’s in English, with an experience of about three decades, including six years at the international level, wherein I was appreciated by the Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau as an outstanding teacher, with exceptional teaching and learning strategies. I firmly believe in being a part of a renowned and established organization that acknowledges relationships, one that is completely committed to promoting and safeguarding the well-being and education of children.
An educator with excellent communication skills and a unique blend of visionary leadership with cultural and organizational diversity management. Expertise in leading teachers and ensuring high quality of teaching through a curriculum that accommodates different learning styles, with a perfect combination of academic and pedagogical enterprise for effective 21stcentury skills and well-honed holistic development in learners.
Some of my recreational pastimes are conceptualizing and directing musical plays, creating innovative worksheets, experimenting with worldwide cuisines, and traveling and caring for animals.


Senior Mistress (Grade III – V)

As an accomplished educator with expertise in teaching, motivating, and directing students, Mrs. Ameera Subohi has been an integral part of DPSM. She has been awarded “Inspiring Teacher of The Year” twice in the academic years 2015-16 and 2019-20. She holds a master’s degree in English. B.Ed and D.ED along with Diploma in Montessori Education and Computer Science.
With more than 17 years of experience, out of which she has been with DPS, Mysore for ten years, she has consistently maintained excellent relations with students, parents, faculty members, and administrators through strong planning and leadership skills. She often describes herself as “I am a teacher by choice and not by chance. I believe that all students are capable of growth; it is important to teach them to believe in their ability to grow.”


Senior Mistress (Grade VI-VIII)

Mrs. Reshma Khuraishi is a dedicated senior member of DPS, Mysore having 25 years of experience in teaching. She is known for her efficient managerial skills and handling situation with a calm demeanor and professional attitude. She is qualified with a Master’s in Zoology and Bachelor’s in Botany Zoology and Chemistry along with B.Ed. She is extremely organized and strongly believes in time management.
She can be seen as a person driven by a constant quest to improve the students and staff; she is responsible for. She believes in utilizing her knowledge, skills, and abilities with true professionalism. As a part of the leadership team, she is resourceful, and one can see her motivating our school towards success.

Ms. Meena Rai

Senior Mistress (Grade IX-XII)

Ms. Meena Rai is an accomplished academician with vast experience ranging from teaching to academic coordination. She holds dual masters in Mathematics and Hindi and a bachelor’s in Education. With an innate ability to tackle complex and dynamic work-related challenges, she can navigate through all tough matrices and provide easy solutions in a time-bound manner. Her insight in motivating students and teachers alike is second to none. She has attended and conducted numerous workshops and seminars to upgrade and upskill her professional expertise and impart knowledge and teaching methodologies to the young brigade of educators. She has been in the teaching profession for the past two decades and has been associated with DPS Mysore for seven years.
Her vision and commitment to imparting holistic and quality education to today’s youth make her a valuable asset to the institution.