World Television Day

Television is a mass medium that provides entertainment, education, news, politics, gossip, etc. It is a medium for transmitting moving images in two or three dimensions and sound. No doubt, it is a healthy source of both education and entertainment. It plays a crucial role in society by delivering information and opinions.

World Television Day is celebrated on 21st November every year. According to the UN, this day highlights the major role that television plays in our lives. UN General Assembly on 17 December, 1996 proclaimed 21st November as World Television Day.

A range of activities were organized by “DPS MYSORE” on  November 21, 2020   to celebrate “World Television Day” through virtual classrooms.  A special morning assembly was organized for the same. The programme   started with an introduction about Television covering its invention, history and its journey till date.  The students were engaged in activities like enacting their favorite T.V characters, hosting a TV show, impromptu poetry composition etc which were very entertaining as well as informative and kindled the creative sides of the students’ personalities.

“Television is indispensable and we cannot imagine our world without it.”
Happy World Television Day!