• Our mission is to recognize the individuality and creativity in each child in a caring
  • We emphasize the moral, social, emotional, physical, intellectual development, which
    will establish values that will allow him/her to act with thoughtfulness and compassion
    towards humanity.


  • To empower our students with the cognitive skills required to keep pace with evolving
  • To inculcate a high moral fibre, a spirit of enquiry and scientific temper in our students to
    give them the competitive edge.
  • To provide a platform for each child to exhibit his/her innate talent and excel in their
    chosen path.
  • To instill a sense of social justice in the students and sensitize them to the needs of the
    environment and the community.
  • To install in the student a patriotic sentiment and national pride.
  • To prepare the students to be a responsible global citizen.