Spread over 8 acres ,in a pollution free zone away from the city and its clatter, in Bugathalli  borough of Mysore nestled in a picturesque landscape.DPS Mysore keeps its “Budding Minds”  close to nature yet connected with world.

Our school is a spacious, steel-bodied modern architectural structure built of hollow concrete block, which facilitate cooling and controls temperature. Its open campus boasts of a well-equipped library, updated science laboratory, activity zones for sports and games, outdoor play pens, special events and performance stage, space for creative activities, and a dining area that offers personal grooming and social etiquette sessions.

The elevation of our building is kept vibrant ,amp and bright to make it look welcoming for all our children.  It functions as a social space – for formal/informal gatherings and support student learning. The school has vast play areas for children, both indoor and outdoor and well built spacious corridors.

DPS-Mysore has adhered to all safety measures defined by various agencies. Fire systems are installed at all key points. We have multiple CCTV cameras installed at various points inside the school premises to ensure safety and security of our children. We stress on self-reliance through sustainable practices


Aesthetically and ergonomically designed learning space


Ventilated Classrooms with  learning ambiance word walls  arrangement in Kindergarten ,Sight and Bright posters, and other learning arrangements helps OUR Thinkers think and do positive energy. They are well lit and ventilated with two doors for free movement and 24*7 continuous monitoring by cameras


Aesthetically and ergonomically designed learning space, It contains  a variety of books, magazines, periodicals & newspapers.  An excellent reading and designed learning space for the students to learn at school.

Picnic Fun

Refreshing visits and the comfortable paces, games, good food, music is all planned for their amusement.


Different Asanas are taught to them for a healthy way to start the day.

Computer Lab

The School has  well equipped  state of the art computer labs to cater to the junior and senior segments learners.

Science Labs

Well equipped science labs( Physics/Chemistry/Biology ) are in use. Students get a first-hand learning experience by performing various experiments. Students are made to use the models and understand different scientific theories and concepts which make teaching and learning easy both for the teachers, as well as for the students

Math Lab

Well equipped math labs are in use for classes I to X. The labs are computerized. They also have equipment like geometrical figures, 3 D models , pegboards etc to help students understand the mathematical concepts in a better way.

Infirmary/ Medical Center

The school Infirmary has a well qualified nurse. The school block has an Infirmary set up to aid immediate medical help.

Kindergarten Block

The beautifully vibrant  bright and illustrative kindergarten  wing is a panorama  of colors, Thematic  learning is pleasurable here, be it names, shapes or numbers.  The first/maiden lessons of life are taught in a manner which is just unadulterated  fun ”  Learn  while you play” – a well equipped activity center gives children an opportunity to learn hands on.

Swimming Pool

The state of   art   swimming pool is a cool setting where our students with aquatic talents practice during and after  school( during paid hobby) hours.

Basketball Court

DPSM also has Basketball courts, which are provided with the  latest illuminations to enable night time practice.

Lawn Tennis

Tennis is a good sport for maintaining health, fitness, strength and agility. It also has social and psychological benefits. DPSM encourages  their  students by providing them exposure and coaching in lawn tennis.


DPSM  has a huge  cricket ground for young enthusiastic  Cricket benefits their physical and mental health . Special coaching is provided  by skilled and trained coaches.


Modern school design atrium stairs are places that support students to socialize in addition to providing spatial connection. An open air amphitheater allows the students a free run for their imagination and creativity.

Uniform& Stationery Store

The complete School Uniform, text books and note books can be purchased from the uniform and stationary store in the school premises.  The store remains open during school hours.

Counselling Cell

In order to spearhead action in the area of Child and Adolescent Mental health, the counselling cell at DPSM has made concerted effort over the recent years. School counselling has gained its own identity both as a profession and also as a part of the team that manages student development & growth.

Innovative E-Learning

A world acclaimed technology integrated program for teaching and learning in classrooms in grades I to XII through Smart Class is designed to empower teachers with technology right inside the classroom. Digital resources such as animations, graphics, images and video clippings are used to revolutionize the learning process.

Tuck Shop

A fully functioning tuck shop caters to the need of the students. The cafeteria serves lunch, snacks, and non-aerated soft drinks.